Naruto Shippuden Episode 488 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 488 : “Title”


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  • Naruto uzumaki

    First, naruto uzumaki here hehehe

  • Avi

    Hey where is the episode!!??

    • AnimeDude

      It got canceled this week

      • Iulian Muresan

        It didn’t got canceled , it was announced for the 5th of January . Please use Wikipedia for information about the release of upcoming episodes.

        • sajidshah

          they didnt release today it means they canceld today.. no one has to used wikipedia as long we know they release every new episode every week .it makes me to much angry when they dont release new episode fuck it. bullshit reasons for delaying everytime i hate this

          • Viper3D

            That’s not how it works actually. There is something known as a schedule for releases. They already have it set for each ‘Season’ including skips for holidays. A cancellation would be if they had planned it originally for this week and then said “Sorry something came up, we can’t air it anymore”.

          • XxKingStormxX


  • Uhhjj


  • Naruto Shippuden will not be airing this Thursday to give way for New Year’s celebration specials on Tokyo TV. The TV series will resume on January 5 with the final episode of Sasuke Shinden Book of Sunrise.



    • Mackan Mygga

      aw 🙁

    • Salazar Burnz

      damn it not again 🙁

    • Henit Mehta

      Thank you

    • Jayven John Fajardo

      fck u

  • Mas Alif

    Im totally fucked up -__-

  • Letroy Cj

    wtf???don’t give us that kind of reason for not airing today this episode. i mean new year is 2 days to go…wtf???

    • Viper3D

      This happens constantly during Holidays for many shows, get used to it.

      • Shaan Oberoi

        Teri maa ki chut, bhonsdi saale Naruto ke dalle Viper

        • Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi

          bahut sahi, hero ban raha tha behen ka lund

  • Reynard Uchiha

    Whyy , where is the movie? Better dont gave trailer before

  • sajidshah

    what happend again? they uploaded trash to earn views still lol

    • Viper3D

      They uploaded the teaser for the episode that is meant to air next week, not this week. Complain all you like, but the teaser is always put in place.

      • Lelouch D. Light

        no its only for the view clickbait shit if you didint read it dosent say teaser or preview of ep 488 or something like that the title is naruto shippuden episode 488 witch like all other ones its should be the whole ep. i know its not release for today but its still click bait and stop being know it all and responding to all who go aggains the channel or something get a life

  • Jeff

    W8 so there’s not goin to be a new episode

    • KvngRob

      No m8

  • Ankur

    Fuk 😢its a no show day

  • Bejko 123

    Why?!?!?!? Why would you cancel it?

  • The New Kid

    Yo they better drop 2 new episodes next week

    • XxKingStormxX

      they have too

  • crystal

    you guys can watch the episode on gogoanime :/

  • crystal

    i watched it on gogoanime

    • pb1001

      Thanks for your input /s.

  • BangHi5 Movies


  • Naruto uzumaki

    I swear Sauske never smiles, firrrrst

  • ChocoPancakes

    Great episode, I liked how they played Orochimaru’s theme and that plot twist, though. Never thought that En Oyoashiro (I don’t think I spelt his name right) was a Chinoike clan member and would slaughter his clan. Sasuke was badass here too.

    • Lucifer

      are you serious? it was painfully obvious that was her dad they look just a like faggot

      • ChocoPancakes

        Calm down, no need to insult me, dickhead. Kys

      • ChocoPancakes

        Also, faggot means gay, retard. You’re probably 8 years old, you insult people for no reason, that too with SHIT grammar, and you use words that you don’t even know the definition of. Typical internet keyboard warrior, lmao.

  • Swadhin Roy

    I am missing sasuke’s other hand… They should treat it like naruto

    • Ninten

      He didn’t want to get a new hand

  • yellow

    omg, i got watery explosion in ma eyes

  • 1080p Uploaded

  • vedant kulkarni

    Wow!!i rarely see naruto these days,first was 5 episodes of sasuke and now shikamaru

  • Hellias

    SP, go to Hell. Seriously. This is just as infuriating as how they changed Itachi’s novel.

  • AD3L1N


  • Jerek Marcus Lane

    Fucking right. Thank you

  • Michelle

    The note Naruto sent him, wasn’t Naruto suppose to say that Sakura said he was like the leaf police? I thought that’s what happened in the book anyways.

  • The Reverse-Flash

    Dunno why, but I loved how Sasuke grabbed the paper with his teeth. An absolutely minor thing (for him), but still.

    • pbj1001

      I feel like there must have been a reason as to why Sasuke didn’t use his left arm. I didn’t read the manga though so I don’t know.

      • Nishanth Reddy

        Sasuke doesn’t have a left arm though

        • DION★

          Yeah remember he lost it in the fight with naruto but when he gets back to the hidden leaf he will probably get his left arm back.

          • Nishanth Reddy

            Spoilers ahead:

            He actually doesn’t. He feels like that should be his punishment for the stuff he did.

          • Jo

            if you watch boroto the movie, he does have his arm up. spoiler alert, your a troll nishanth.

          • jo

            he gets his arm back -_- damn keyboard.

          • lol

            he actually doesn’t get his arm back as his own wish, it serves as a reminder for all the sins he committed in the past, doesn’t matter anyways he’d still beat anyone with one arm him and naruto is fucking busted now anyways

          • Nishanth Reddy

            please get your facts straight before calling someone a troll.
            I’ll be polite and challenge you to post a pic to prove your theory. But since I know that he doesn’t have the arm back I’m sure you can’t have a picture except for the error picture in chapter 702 of the manga.
            Also for your information, watch the movie closely and observe that on his left side, there exists only a flapping full hand sleeve because of the in-existence of the arm

  • ahrsy

    lol sakura

  • leslie ali

    i’m so happy that they’re still releasing fillers otherwise i feel like my life has ended

    • Anime4life

      I feel the same way

  • James Deveaux

    I guess they just had to make Sakura punch Naruto. Even at this point. I don’t even know anymore…

  • Allan Uson

    whats the next episode after naruto/sasuke vs kaguya fight..,
    need some help guys.thank you inadvance!