Naruto Shippuden Episode 487 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 487 : “Title”


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  • Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi

    where is the fckin episode???

    • Classacre

      Be patient, it takes time for the servers to upload

      • ez

        clas,this era so many people dont know how to respect each other ,just watch the child typing and laugh after watch the mvie , 😉

  • derokoro nosaki

    where is it

  • derokoro nosaki

    yhe heck 0 sec no episode

  • henry

    im on naruspot and its showing 5 mmore min8tes

  • henry

    3:23 left now

    • Classacre

      The episode might still be late even after the countdown ends, takes time for the servers to upload new info

      • henry

        i know. i was just saying other sites are showing a few more minutes

        • Classacre

          Oh, aight, Thanks for the info 😀

  • Hinata

    where is episode oml

  • Aron

    Where is it !!!!! 0 seconds

  • Chief Steeze

    I just want to watch some naruto pls upload ;-;

  • akatsuki kojou

    huh ??

  • Bokbefok

    Bruh where naruto at doe

    • Chief Steeze

      Idk bro where it at doe

    • Bokbefok

      Bro its 12:12 in da mornin i just want to watch some naruto man

  • Naruto

    I’m tired of waiting on 0 seconds

  • Chief Steeze

    This has been the longest 0 seconds of my life ;-;

  • P-123 GAMER


  • henry

    ok im getting a little mad. i got work in 30 minutes and i would love to brighten my day up with this episode but for f**ks sake i just want to watch it and i was supposed to 20 minutes ago!

    • bitchin

      nobody cares you ass.

  • jamming man

    whatta gwon, me done search and refresh me page all day fa dis naruto manna, where it di.

    • bitchin

      Learn proper English

      • xd


        • bitchin

          It’s *shut the fuck up* -_-

  • Brachit

    I’m gettin mad asf

  • Avinash

    i am going crazzzy!!! where is the episode ???

  • I am the SJ !

    its on crunchyroll guys/…..its released there

  • gimme it

    gimme the vid. i need it now

    • bitchin

      its not a condom that you need it now

  • Anthony Lu

    go onto narutoget it is uploaded

    • Anthony Lu

      thank me later

      • Mas I Ŗĸ I


      • bitchin

        later alligator

  • I am the SJ !

    yamato has the ketsurygan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yess thats the yamato u r thinking about hes the one

  • I am the SJ !

    just kidding

  • I am the SJ !

    i watched it

    • bitchin

      do you need a award for it?

      • Troller

        An*. Unfortunately there aren’t any awards for poor grammar.

        • JeanShorts&AShotOfHenny

          one mistake = bad grammar

        • bitchin

          What AN ass!

  • I am the SJ !

    its just about chinois story

  • Siddharth Kulkarni


    when did this came out ?

    • bitchin

      when you came out of your mom

  • Quagmire

    Lol I had a feeling it was her, the cliche plot. I like how she wanted revenge on sasuke before the guy who forced her into the Colosseum

  • lissaomar

    the video doesnt load..

  • xFallenKyuseishu

    The fact that everybody still picking fights with sauce though lmao, like why if you know who this dude is.

    • lol

      what’s more funny is that they think they have a chance of winning lmao..

  • Death

    Episode 488 please

  • Bo Treat

    see you all next year. can’t wait to see how the show develops, and i’m glad to see it continue. it is something never done before. but this last arch is seriously bland………but hey, at least we still have it. who doesn’t want to see the period of absence in avatar to the girl, or ash growing beyond 10 and finally realizing his love for misty……. lets all come back when there is a reason to watch again.