Dragon Ball Super episode 102 English Subbed

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You Are Watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Subbed English Sub, Download Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Sub Sub In High Quality Or HD At DragonBallTime.to . Watch All Dragon Ball Super Episodes Here.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 102 English Subbed : “”


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  • animefreaklover

    During the first half of this episode I was thinking “Oh Lord, It’s Sailor Moon! Dragon Ball is officially a Magical Girl anime now!” In the 2nd half of the episode I started thinking. “Oh my gosh! Android 17 is a freakin boss!!!”

  • Kush

    one f the best episodes so far

  • i thought i was watching an episode of powerpuff girls then came 17 the episode rocks

  • Mares Fillies

    Great episode 10/10 -ign

  • Lófaszkuglóf

    Proof that Freeza is gay

  • Ash

    In the start it was just a waste of time but no. 17 fight fulfill all that I think we need more warrior’s like him bullshit transformation

  • Pram

    showing the transformation shit entirely twice. Fucking die.

  • Simon

    this episode was fucking shit

  • bindian

    39 minutes left? you mean to tell me that in about 10 episodes, only 6 minutes passed.

  • RaulFranko

    ahahah!! oh #17 trully the best!

  • gman

    wtf…making it so that the transformation sequence is showed twice is just plain lazy and pathetic. Get with the times Toei! You’re stuck in the 1980’s!

  • Mayank Singh

    #17 Rocks

  • Koden Tarvin

    anyone see the 2 nameks from universe 6 on zeno’s tablet?

  • NumbZkull Noise

    No. 17: I feel like we should be stopping this.
    Everyone else: Nah, we want a GOOD fight!

  • Johnathan Granville

    These big names in anime are really pissing me off with how much time they waste with filler and long drawn out stares and stupid animation recurrance. just spend another week to make something quality please. Enough with the trash