Dragon Ball Super episode 100 English Subbed

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  • Akaalis

    WTF the logic is REALLY fukin failing here… Goku struggled to take on Kale in God form, Jiren took her out and now he Goku is supposed to be able to stand up to Jiren??? like WTF???????????????

    • Ztalinav Kravarzki

      I fucking hate toriyama

    • namman

      he doesn’t kale lost control revert normal in air dats y shock expression of jiren worried if he killed her

      • Akaalis

        Please don’t make me laugh.. Jiren doesn’t HAVE a fukin expression… LOOOOOOL!!!!

        • Naz 허식

          Are you dumb or you are just too slow. This is why they release a new poster of goku getting a new form because he can’t defeat jiren with ssb + kaioken now. goku must achieve something greater than that in order to defeat jiren..psttttt

    • Abdi Kalif

      If you noticed “Goku didn’t go all out In Blue form vs Kale” as he didn’t use “Kaioken+Blue” now Jirens powers “Are still unknown yet “he did take her out without any effort”, which than excited Goku

      • Akaalis

        Goku may have not used Kaioken with Blue, but it was obvious he nevertheless put in significant effort in that kamehameha which was like a squirt gun to Kale who still clowned Goku.

        Jiren didn’t even blast a constant beam, he just threw a single fireball and she easily flew up in the air… nothing makes fukin sense here…

    • sharaz naeem

      Goku is not using his full power he also have keo ken attack

    • Eric Caprinando

      dont you remember last episode? , goku even cant beat hit in blue form and
      ofcourse goku cant beat kale in blue form too.

      • Akaalis

        Well I don’t know if I remembered correctly, but in the last fight between Hit and Goku, Goku didn’t use his kaioken that time around, so….

  • ruby walia

    Its funny to see that the powers for which Goku and Vageta had to work their ass off to get, its like a piece of cake for other sayins. But as they are heroes and will be always one step ahead of everyone. Go for the win universe 7

  • Shadeblaster

    I feel like everyone was ready for Goku to fuck Caulifla up and then Kale had to come in to fuck everything up. I was so ready for Caulifla to go “GO SUPER SAIYAN 3 FGT” and then get absolutely destroyed.


    Kale is the reincarnation of the legendary super sayin Broly.

  • Piza Nut

    this is bullshit … they make super saiyan is a idiot thing.. like.. gohan transform super hard to get super saiyan 2.. and.. legendary super saiyan is not that strong..

  • NiJon

    I guess Broly is non-canon since they can’t reckognize Kales form…..